The president worked like a puppet of cult religion for 4 decades

A young brilliant person killed two woman by rape and torture

Another person made a lady to jump out from his balcony and went out to eat for pizza

Where are we going?
Is human losing being human?
Is this really end of the world and Jesus is coming back to Rapture?
Or are we another puppet of Media play?
Those things were so weird and jaw dropping news soon will become another norm
like any other news we watch in these days
I certainly do not want to have norm hearted on those shocks
My prayer is my heart to be stay as soft as now and be emotional as much as now
even thought it takes hurts, disappointment, sadness and broken hearted
I watched this movie The Equals; movie sets on future with high tech and bar coded world with perfect nature and livable environment BUT if you falling into any kind of emotions the authority takes the person to institution and kill them. Is this the future are we going to face soon? I believe in God and human dignity
And in this turbulence I do hope everyone find their Peace and God centered heart