Please understand me I need a space, probably 1 km around me
You can come near me but please give me a space when I need it
Be ware, sometimes I need it for days, weeks and months.
Few hours too if you are lucky

It is not that I dont like you, I do but stay bit far when I need it so
If you need it too, talk to me then I will give to you
But together 24/7 is impossible

Am I odd?
Maybe yes
Please dont trying to change me, it is worse than not have a space
Dont tame me, Im a wild one who cannot be tamed

Some says, you are not suitable to have a relationship
It can be true.
I still believe there is someone out there who understands me as I am

Dont get me wrong, I am emotionally available, very available
and loving and caring
just need little bit of my own planet
Too much to ask?