Is Love just an illusion?
the emotion toward to someone comes and goes
today I feel like I am going to die without that person
tomorrow I feel perfectly okay without that person,
the space fills up by other stuffs, other objects and other person

Was that Love or just an illusion from heart?

I don’t know, probably I will never figure out


I want to be love someone and be loved by that person in same time
Even though It will leave life long scar again on my heart

This is the tricky part
When I get hurt on hand, I can do to doctor and get treated
In few days, the wound gets healed with scar but soon you forget what happened

When I get hurt on Heart, I have nowhere to go, nobody can heal me
In few years, the wound you though got healed, opens and bleeding again
then I have to go through the healing process again and again
One song, one scent, one word, one scene, one place opens that wound wide open
Bleeding again
heals again

One day I will meet someone who never will hurt me and let me forget this wound and scar forever
would I?